Email from Santa

The holiday season is upon us once again like every year children tend to write Santa Claus asking him what they would like for Christmas. Many children never know if Santa reads there letter and what a way to change that. Enter a great Santa letter provider – this one is sent through email.

Email from Santa
Have a look at Email from Santa – for only $2.49 per letter you can send a personalized email from Santa Clause to your special child. The email includes your child’s name, where they will be on Christmas eve and Santa even comments on what they might get for Christmas.

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It is the Size or Support that Matters?

When it comes to selecting a hosting provider a lot of webmaster are looking at the amount of space and bandwidth but what you should rather be looking for is the quality of the service. Any host can sell you space on a dedicated server but what you are really buying is the quality of customer service and support. Should an issue arise, like most you want it resolved as fast as possible. Many hosting providers do not state their support response time, which is why; you may want to consider sending a few questions before purchasing to test them out.

Canadian Web Hosting

Generally, yet not always, the more reasonably priced the plans are the better the customer service. is a Canadian Web Hosting provider with a 99.9% uptime guarantee holding an average support response time of under 60 minutes. They are a privately owned company which has been providing web hosting since 2005. operates out of Canada with servers located in Montreal, Quebec.


Visit and rest assured you’ll get the support when it matters the most.

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Protect the Windows to Your Soul

Before you know it winter will pass and the sun will begin to shine, the flowers will start blooming and the trees begin budding. Store merchants will begin showing off the new spring merchandise all the while the sun will be shining and you should start thinking about protecting the windows to your soul. Yes I am talking about your eyeballs, if you are not into wearing sunglasses you should start considering wearing them. The suns’ harmful UV A and UV B rays can not only damage your skin but damage your eyes.

Sunglasses Canada

If I’ve perked your interest have a look at Sunglasses Canada. They offer a wonderful assortment of the latest in Fashion Sunglasses. Easily affordable, look great and of high quality. While they may look similar to the fake designer Sunglasses these do not have a logo. At Sunglasses Canada you will find rimless, semi rimless, plastic sunglasses, metal frame, polarized and my favourite the Driving Lens Sunglasses, which block out blue light and reflections and are perfect for driving.

Order a pair or two and protect them lookers. You will see they are well worth their weight in gold.

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